Eco-Hubs Merseyside

Reducing emissions, saving lives...


“Fumes from diesel engines are the most toxic of all ambient air pollutants linked to human diseases like asthma, strokes and lung cancer."
- Professor Stephen Holgate, FMedSci Special Adviser to the Royal College of Physicians.



Eco Hubs Merseyside Ltd welcomes your interest in our website and our exciting vision for a Zero Emission Road Freight Network. It is our intention to commence in Merseyside and then rapidly extend the many benefits of our proposals throughout the UK. 

In order to progress the Zero Emission Road Freight Network our project development team are inviting your participation in an 'Eco-Hub Partnership Group' working toward the strategic goal of significantly improving air quality across Merseyside.

It is our hope that, once fully engaged the Eco-Hub Partnership Group will consist of a broad range of organisations seeking to respond to emerging issues associated with excessive emissions from diesel powered vehicles - specifically HGV vehicles. These vehicles have been shown to be the largest contributor to harmful Oxides of Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, PM 2.5's & PM 10's.

If you have an interest in any of the following sectors we look forward to meeting and working with you:

  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Public Health
  • Economic Development
  • The Road Haulage Industry
  • HGV driver welfare & security
  • Employment & Training

When unavoidable road traffic congestion and constant delays at  the final destination are combined with excessive deisel-based pollutants, serious consequences emerge. Because of this we need your help and support.

Since 2014 we have been nurturing our belief that, by maximising the onset of new technology it is possible to confront and then rapidly halt the devastating impact of airborne pollutants on residents across Merseyside. Further information about the issues we are seeking to address is available here.

With our collective input and ambition it is now possible for the Eco-Hub Partnership Group to provide genuine leadership as the UK strives to meet its environmental and improved air quality obligations.

Interested? Contact us.